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Aliens: Colonial Marines retired

EA cancels promising Alien FPS

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Image credit: Eurogamer

GameSpot reports that EA's hotly anticipated Aliens: Colonial Marines, which looked so promising in the screenshots released earlier this year, need be anticipated no longer, as it has been put on indefinite hold with little chance of the development resuming. The American website attributes the news to a source within publisher Electronic Arts, but no reason for the game's cancellation is offered, although the decision is believed to have been taken a couple of months ago.

Aliens: Colonial Marines was a human-led mission through Geiger's sci-fi fantasy, which had been scheduled for release on PlayStation 2 in Q3 2002, but has slipped repeatedly in recent months. Now it looks like the amazing visuals and potential in these screenshots will never appear on a home console. Or perhaps they never did, and that was the problem.

RIP Aliens: Colonial Marines.

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