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BioWare patches NWN

7MB of extra content, rather than bug fixes

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BioWare has patched extensive single and multiplayer PC RPG Neverwinter Nights to version 1.25, integrating two new breeds of monster and a new NWN Content Installer Creator - a tool which builds a nice installation frontend for your custom-built NWN modules, allowing you to distribute them with greater ease.

The two new monsters are Kobolds and Malar Panthers. Kobolds are foolish and misguided, like a pet Chihuahua that can't resist growling at the neighbour's Doberman apparently. That's probably the last time we'll have to type the word "Chihuahua" on these pages.

Regular users of NWN can simply press the update button on the main NWN screen to grab the 7MB updat,e but there are also patching instructions available on the NWN website. The patch is the first in a series of official content enhancement packs due out from developer BioWare, although as regular players will know, the online community has already served up an abundance of adventure modules, creatures and other items.

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