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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Army apache!

New toys for America’s Army

America's Army is being patched to include a new and much larger map, gameplay tweaks and several new features, like a "Combat Effectiveness Meter" and a new "Honour System".

The new map is a large, snowy Mountain Pass map set in the great wintry outdoors - apparently a continuation of the Bridge Assault battle. The assaulting team has passed through the tunnel and must reach and secure a convoy. The defending team is part of the convoy and must defend it.

The new Combat Effectiveness Meter sits next to the health icon and gauges the player's ability to hit the target in various situations. The higher the meter, the more effective. The meter also concentrates on speed, posture, native weapon class, proximity to leaders, health condition, whether they are under fire and various other conditions. The Meter offers feedback to the player and gently trains them to behave like a proper soldier.

The Honour System (previously called Trust) is another new addition. Players start at level 10, and good teamplay and behaviour will increase this number, whilst breaking the Rules of Engagement and participating in dishonourable actions will cause it to fall. The more rounds played, the higher the level is likely to get, and Honour level will affect account status and will apparently provide preferential treatment during the selection process of in-game features.

Other tweaks include gun lowering and a number of bug fixes, and server admins will now have a nice in-game interface to fiddle with things.

The new patch and so on will be made available soon through