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Truck off, says Sega

Hop into an 18-wheeler for The King of Route 66

Sega's AM2 studio is working on a new 18-wheeler truck driving game called The King of Route 66. Set on the road which runs from Illinois to California, players will have to square off against the nefarious Tornado Corporation and win the hearts of the seductive Queens of Route 66. They didn't really think that one through, did they?

The game will put you in the cab of a ferocious 18-wheel truck, the likes of which often scoot into the centre lane on the M25 and leave hapless motorists reeling in alarm, and will allow you to customise said monster whilst bickering with rival trucking outlaws and taking part in dozens of mini-games. Sega is quick to point out that there will be plenty of ways to each objective, and that the game is set around Route 66 rather than tunnelled along it.

Sega has released a handful of early screenshots, which you can check out here, and the game is due out in the US in March 2003, and sometime after that in Europe, exclusively for PlayStation 2.