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See multiplayer in Faction!

Volition shows off the 2-4 player action complete with bots

We've already discussed at great length the variety of multiplayer options available in Red Faction II; how you can tweak just about anything, add bots to the play scheme, emulate your favourite multiplayer modifications right down to instant gibbing and much more across several main play modes.

Unfortunately, some of you just will not be told, or so publisher THQ thinks. In response to criticism amongst online gamers, the publisher has today released a one-minute-long visual demonstration aimed at reminding us that there's more than one exciting console shooter due out soon with a "2" in the title.

It's a WMV file, so you'll need Windows Media Player or a sneaky equivalent, and it weighs in at a charitable 10Mb, but that's resolution well spent! The movie shows off sections of two and four player battles across various levels in Red Faction II, highlighting Geo-Mod effects and the speed of the experience. Next to some multiplayer offerings we've seen lately, RFII's smooth framerate is a breath of fresh shrapnel.

You can download the multiplayer teaser here. Red Faction II is due out on November 15th, exclusive to PlayStation 2.