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Capcom's Chaos Legion

A "fantasy opera" with RPG overtones, apparently

Having revealed plans for a new secret agent-'em-up called Critical Bullet last week, Capcom has gone back to its fantasy roots with its most recent announcement: a "fantasy opera" with RPG overtones called Chaos Legion. Based on a series of tales in a Japanese fantasy magazine, Chaos Legion stars Sieg Wahrheit (translates to "hail the truth" in German according to the developer), a knight on a mission to repremand his former friend Victor Delacroix, now a member of a sinister religious sect called Yami (Japanese for "darkness").

Chaos Legion in action

Sieg's fantastic adventure will be punctuated by epic battles against the eponymous legions of chaos, and combat will be in real-time (as the solitary screenshot above suggests), with cinematic levels of presentation.

Unusually for the Japanese firm, Capcom has spoken candidly about plans for the game's Western release during 2003. It should be out in Japan by spring 2003.