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Divine Patching

Bugs fixed; features tweaked

Divine Divinity has been patched (or "hotfixed") to version 1.32 by developer Larian Studios. The patch weighs in at a wholly acceptable 3.5MB, and tweaks issues ranging from boss difficulty levels to colour depth management. Plus, you can no longer quick save when you're dead. No doubt useful to those of you with a tendency to hit the wrong button. Oh there's no shame in it - we've been doing it since the days of Doom.

The patch also fixes a few bugs, which are kindly listed on Larian's patch page. So, now the game won't crash if you save and load whilst standing still with a bow. Nor will you find yourself the victim of a nasty polymorph recursion bug, which is good news!

One small footnote. The patch is only applicable for English versions of the game, including the US release.