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TDK brings Spy vs. Spy to consoles

Simply MAD news

In a move destined to bring tears to the eyes of retro gamers, TDK is to bring the Spy vs. Spy cartoon strip to PlayStation 2, Cube and Xbox, having secured a worldwide publishing agreement with E.C. Publications, the company behind MAD Magazine.

Spy vs. Spy was the brainchild of Antonio Prohias, a Cuban cartoonist who fled the country at the height of the Cold War and ended up in New York penning comics for MAD. The strip depicts a silent war of one-upmanship fought by two spies, one black, one white, and has been running since 1961.

The videogame adaptation appeared on several platforms, and built a niche halfway between puzzle and action, with players struggling against one another and the AI to build elaborate traps and ensnare their opponent. TDK's update is expected to take a similar route, although having targeted the current generation of console platforms, one fears potential graphical "improvements" the developer/publisher may have in mind.

The Black Spy and White Spy were not immediately available for comment.