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Command prompts test

Want to play C&C Generals? This month?

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EA Games is to oversee a closed multiplayer test for 3,000 lucky gamers, each of whom will get the chance to play five multiplayer missions from Command & Conquer Generals over the Internet. The test will begin on October 25th, but sign-ups commence at 12:01 am on the 10th, and will run for 24 hours, after which 3,000 participants will be chosen randomly.

EA Games' Mark Skaggs spoke about the test procedure. "Multiplay is a critical part of any RTS game and we're really looking forward to hearing from our fans on how to make the experience in Command & Conquer Generals even better," he said. "The team has been working hard, and we're all excited for players to see the innovative multiplay features we've kept under wraps for the past six months."

Just about everybody with a PC is eligible to take part in the test, although EA will only court those whose system requirements meet the minimum, which will be made available on the sign-up page when that goes live on the 10th.

The five test missions will allow players to take part as any of the three sides in the game; the United States, China and an underground political terror organisation, the Global Liberation Army, or GLA. The full game will include a 23-mission single player campaign alongside extensive multiplayer options.

The game is currently due out sometime between now and Christmas.

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