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Critical Bullet hits

Capcom’s next action title rears its confusing head

Capcom has a new action game on the boil. Critical Bullet - 7th Target will appear on PlayStation 2 and GameCube, but beyond that a colourful one-page teaser website and nondescript trailer conspire to shroud the game in secrecy. We'd take a stab at the genre - probably third person action - but beyond that we'd be hard-pressed to say.

However, the stars of the game all come out to shine in the 6MB James Bond-esque trailer. The stylish one-minute trailer depicts New York in 2062 with lots of frantic camerawork, skyscraper rooftop helicopter battles and gunplay, and the lass at the centre of it all is one Sara D Fitzgerald. Beyond her, we have Shigeo Andou, shotgun man Calro Scarface and "Ghost", a handgun and machine gun-toting masked mystery man.

We look forward to learning just what the game is actually about, and it shouldn't be long, because Capcom is promising an October 26th Japanese release for the PS2 version and an early 2003 Cube debut.