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Tribes 2 patched

Flogging a dead horse?

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Tribes 2 has been updated with two new game types and 32 new maps based on designs from both Tribes titles. The update also addresses "numerous lingering performance issues" according to publisher Vivendi studio Sierra, and the post-patch version of the game will be remastered and sold for $10 at American retail. Those of you with a bit of bandwidth can download the 88MB update from Sierra's FTP ( direct link), and if you want to keep playing Tribes 2, you will have to - it's a mandatory update.

New gameplay modes include Team Rabbit 2 (TR2), which focuses on acrobatic manoeuvres and John Woo style action direction rather than a simple free-for-all, along with Tribes 2 Classic, which "brings speed and intensity to the Tribes 2 game", and revolves around speed issues and streamlining the game dynamic.

Source - Sierra

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