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Fable takes shape

Streaming movie shows promise

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Having only recently acquired its official name, Fable is already garnering hype on account of its gargantuan open-ended premise. It's an ambitious simulation of one man's lifelong struggle to reclaim his kidnapped mother and sister from an evil force, and it could be one of the most rewarding RPG experiences ever if Lionhead can pull it off. Despite concerns that much of what we've seen and heard is hearsay and conjecture on the part of both the developer and the public, early footage has shown up on Microsoft's website, and it seems just as keen to hammer home those extensive claims as before. We're still waiting to find out just how much of it truly is Fable and how much is, well, myth, but that shouldn't stop you enjoying the trailer. In either high or low quality streams.

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