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Xicat Stones Xbox

New Japanese RPG for Microsoft console

Xicat has announced its intention to release Japanese RPG Ex-Chaser for the Xbox in North America before the end of 2002. Renamed Black Stone: Magic & Steel, the Japanese RPG tells the story of Zedan, a world now shrouded by the work of the Dark Lord Madul, whose Underworld forces have stolen victory over the White Wizards and Forces of Light. The remaining good in the world has banded together to try and stop the evil Madul, but the small band of heroes assembled will have to travel great lengths to recapture key strongholds and restore power to the White Wizards.

Black Stone's battles will require strategy amongst the four main individual characters as they slash through 26 levels of swordplay, collecting spells, weapons and beastly companions as they fight a dark army keen to enslave all of Zedan. The game's graphics have been inspired by many an anime and each of the characters; warrior, warlock, archer, pirate and thief, are all decked out in detailed robes with animation that covers both the subtle and the bold.

Although Xicat has yet to confirm its plans for the game with regards to Europe, with many of its other exports like Sniper: Path of Vengeance, ChopLifter: Search & Rescue, X-Plane and Gothic now well on their way, one would expect to hear more about Black Stone in the near future.

Source - Xicat