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Konami deems Jap Xbox insubstantial

Xbox MGS2: Substance due out in Europe and North America only

Convincing Konami to release Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance on the Xbox alongside its more traditional PS2 and PC outlets was a major coup for Microsoft, but apparently it couldn't sway the Japanese giant all the way. According to the Japanese developer/publisher, it will not be releasing the Xbox version of the game in its home territory due to an insufficient installed base of Xbox units in the region. Until Xbox sales improve in Japan, MGS2: Substance will be targeted squarely at the US and Europe.

This is in spite of a strong showing at the recent Tokyo Game Show, and increased Xbox sales on the back of Capcom's Tekki (Steel Battalion) release with its forty-button controller.

Source - The Magic Box (thanks Stu)