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Bulletproof Monk

A title so good, we borrowed it for the headline

As mentioned elsewhere, Empire is bringing Bubble Bobble to the GBA at some point in the next few months, but the publisher is also eager to announce its other recent coup - the publishing rights to Chow Yun-Fat's next martial arts movie, Bulletproof Monk. The film sees Chow roam the globe to protect an ancient scroll, whilst gradually training a protégé. Unfortunately, this isn't going to trouble Crouching Tiger in the beautifully authentic stakes, because the new-age monk is set to be that darling of unnecessary American teen-cinema, Seann William Scott.

Platforms haven't been mentioned yet, but our guess is the three "next-generation" consoles. Hrm. A little aside here: at what point does a readily available console stop being next-generation? Answers on a cartridge...