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Logik State releases GP32 pinball demo

You’ve imported the console, read the preview, now play the game

If you are one of the many people who have imported a GP32 handheld from Korea on the promise of downloadable software, DivX movie playback and other lures, then today's your lucky day. As promised when we previewed it here last week, today marks the release of Sheffield-based Logik State's Pinball Dreams demo for the GP32. The free demo is available in a zip file from the developer's website, and if you have a GP32 you can whip it onto a flash card via a PC adapter and start playing immediately. Better yet, the demo weighs in at a measly 1.04MB, which even the average modem won't find too taxing.

The full version of the game will be available shortly, and we'll let you lot know as soon as it is. If you can't wait though, you might like to keep an eye on Logik State's website.