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Warner wants Doom movie

Ah, that old chestnut

In a refreshing change to the conventional film-breeds-game dynamic, Warner Bros. is currently schmoozing around Id Software in an attempt to cement the long-awaited Doom movie deal. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the two firms are in the final stages of negotiations - Id is keen that the film start production within 15 months or the rights revert back to the developer, and Warner, knowing how explosive the franchise could be on the big screen, is working very hard to achieve that.

The Reporter also states that a production company has been chosen, but that the script won't be started until the deal is finalised - a sensible move for Id, who have been in this situation before only to emerge movie-less each time. Indeed, Id CEO Todd Hollenshead is quoted as saying that the developer doesn't want to miss out on a Doom movie again.

If the Doom movie does get the go ahead though, it's unlikely to attract Arnold Schwarzenegger as previously rumoured, and it's unlikely to take the same approach as the schlock horrific third game in the series due out next year, with Warner apparently questing for a PG-13 rating - more or less the equivalent of the BBFC's 12 certificate here in the UK.

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