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X02: MotoGP: Online Info

Take a bike!

MotoGP: Online Demo will officially ship with the Xbox Live Test Drive and Starter Kits, and THQ has been good enough to let us know what we can expect from this modified version of Climax Brighton's most excellent bike-racing sim. Although this is considered a demo, the release will include two gameplay modes; Play Live and Time Trials, and if you own the full game, you'll be able to play online with every track and bike, even custom-built ones, so it's fair to say that experienced bikers aren't being shortchanged for their loyalty.

However, even those without the game will be able to utilise all the tracks as a ghost rider - but actual online competition is limited to those who paid their dues.

Those two gameplay modes, then. Play Live will offer races for up to 16 players, and voice communication will be active with the three closest riders to the player's position at any given time. Perhaps surprisingly, Time Trials will also feature other players - the idea being to set the fastest lap without letting stragglers get in your way. We can see it now - players teaming up on the home straight to knock spirited riders off course and into the gravel...

Finally, Online Demo will include World Best Scores so you can see how you rank against the best bikers on Xbox Live, and will also include a Friends scoreboard, taking advantage of one of the service's key features to show you how good or bad your friends happen to be compared to you.