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Rare still working on GBA

As predicted, Microsoft is quite happy to develop for Nintendo’s handheld

It was a bit of a surprise when Microsoft announced ports of Oddworld, Monster Truck Madness and other titles to GameBoy Advance, but since then the shock has worn off, and despite swapping harsh words on the issue, we could see Rare and Nintendo making up at the end of it and still working together on GBA titles. As it happens, that's exactly the situation.

In covering the Rare/Microsoft/Nintendo debacle, MSNBC spoke to Joel Hochberg, co-founder of the company, about a number of subjects including GBA development. "We still plan to work on games for Game Boy Advance in the future," Hockberg told MSNBC, although he didn't elaborate. It's difficult to imagine GBA versions of Diddy Kong Racing and so on appearing in the current climate, but at least Rare will still be gracing Nintendo formats with its wares from time to time.

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