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X02: Controller S for Europe

They said they wouldn’t do it, but fortunately, they were fibbing

Microsoft has announced that Controller S, the smaller alternative Xbox controller released in Japan and the US this year, will be released in Europe on November 1st priced £24.99 / €39.99.

Controller S differs from the original Xbox controller (which will continue to ship with new Xbox consoles) in several key ways. First of all, it's much smaller than the original and only slightly larger than Sony's Dual Shock II, and perhaps most significantly, the diamond of buttons on the right has been tweaked so that the buttons are in a more traditional configuration. To make room for the larger diamond on the smaller pad, Microsoft has moved the black and white secondary buttons to the bottom right of the pad, and the back and start buttons to the opposite side beneath the left analogue stick. Other improvements included a modified directional pad, and larger surface areas on both analogue sticks.