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X02: NTL to launch Xbox Live peripheral

MAC address worries a thing of the past

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Image credit: Eurogamer

NTL was among the companies mentioned in Microsoft's Xbox Live rollout plans earlier today, and the firm has since confirmed its intentions and announced its plans for dealing with the service.

An NTL connection kit will allow customers the option of having their PC and Xbox connected and in use at the same time - a critical measure to bypass the potential stumbling block of MAC address-based security systems, which initially concerned many including us.

Sadly though, NTL did not reveal how the connection kit will be made available - whether it will be free for customers or available at a small cost - and we couldn't get hold of them this evening to confirm.

NTL is also keen to point out that many of its customers use a set-top box directly connected to their PC for cable internet, and that this is an ideal position for Xbox Live users.

Xbox Live will also be supported in Europe by BT Openworld, Noos, Telewest Broadband and Wanadoo.

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