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TGS 2002: Xbox Live slips in Japan

Now available in 2003

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Japanese gamers will be able to go online with Xbox Live on January 16th, 2003, Microsoft has told attendees at the Tokyo Game Show. On that day, the Xbox Live Starter Kit will go on sale priced 6800 yen (£35 / €56), and will include the Xbox voice communicator headset, a copy of Phantasy Star Online Episodes I & II (hopefully in better shape than its Cube counterpart) and 12 months' subscription to the service.

The current plan is for From Software's Thousand Land (which also debuted at Xbox Live), Capcom vs. SNK 2 EO, Victor Interactive's Muzzle Flash and Microsoft's odd-sounding Whacked! to appear alongside the service, although Fishing Online, which was playable at the show, may well sneak into the line-up.

As we keep pointing out, Microsoft will announce European Xbox Live plans at X02 in Seville later today.

Source - IGN

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