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Trouble in Phantasy

Sega plans “fixed” Cube version

Japanese GameCube owners who have just gotten their hands on Phantasy Star Online Episodes I & II are suffering at the hands of a "duping" bug, and Sonic Team's Yuji Naka has reportedly announced that a fixed version will be released in about two months time.

Details are thin on the ground, but just about everybody is waiting on Sega's decision with regards to copies still in the channel. If Sega has to do a recall, it's going to mean a lot of headaches for gamers, retailers and importers. Several of our regular importers, including National Console Support, have already been blown off by suppliers eager to wait and see.

On a related note, it's more than likely that this problem will delay the American version of PSO for the GameCube, which had been scheduled to appear on October 29th.