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Nintendo working on new Donkey Kong

This from a former Beatle

Apart from moneybags, Nintendo is also set to retrieve some of its heftiest assets from Rare's Cube development carcass, including that damn dirty ape by the name of Donkey Kong. And obviously not content to hang around, Nintendo of America's George Harrison (no relation) has told CNN Money that Nintendo will soon be getting started on its own Donkey Kong product internally.

Microsoft is likely to announce its Rare purchase at X02 later today, but Nintendo hasn't been afraid to talk about Rare and their projects since they sold their stake in the company, and their most recent release was really quite harsh on the UK-based developer.

We're still waiting to discover the fates of Kameo: Elements of Power, Sabre Wulf and Diddy Kong Pilot, but it looks like Perfect Dark, Banjo Kazooie and Conker will all now appear as Xbox properties.

Source - CNN Money