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Cube Summoned

Cube RPG! Cube RPG!

THQ told IGN today that Summoner 2 will appear on GameCube in early 2003 thanks to the development work of Cranky Pants Studios, one of the publisher's divisions dedicated to Nintendo hardware. Summoner 2 was originally developed for the PlayStation 2 by Volition and recently went gold in the US.

Unlike a lot of PS2 to Cube ports, Summoner 2 looks set to include a handful of notable graphical improvements, from improved texture resolution and enhanced lighting to improved character animations and a higher animation sampling rate. All of which points towards a smoother game. Cranky Pants will also be improving the game's load times by way of geometry compression, and both the sound effects and soundtrack will be enhanced to take advantage of the Cube's 16MB of audio RAM.

Source - IGN