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Eurogamer appoints new Editor

Super Monkey Boy

Today marks a big change for Eurogamer, and for you, our beloved readers. After three years of loyal service, John Bye is stepping down as editor of the site to make way for new boy Kristan Reed.

Kristan joins Eurogamer after a spell freelancing for various consumer and industry publications, having edited Computer Trade Weekly for two years until its untimely demise earlier this year. We caught up with Kristan earlier at the other end of the office, and bludgeoned a comment out of him: "Six months in bed is a long time, even by my standards," Kristan told us, "so when Eurogamer approached with the offer of unlimited bananas, it wasn't a hard decision to make".

To contact Kristan you can email him at kristan@eurogamer.net.

Kristan takes the reigns as of today, and we hope you'll all make him feel welcome. However, you're welcome to abuse his banana fetish, love of Norwich City F.C, and penchant for jangly guitar bands. But we fear his otherworldly ability at Kick Off 2 and Sensible Soccer. Oh yes.

John departs Eurogamer having led the site through three years, four European Computer Trade Shows and hundreds of hours of UT versus Quake 3 arguments, to pursue other ventures. All of us here at Eurogamer would like to wish John the very best of luck in his future.