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Virtual On PS2

Twin-stick controller should lead to a laugh

Virtual On is coming to PS2. That's about all we know. Oh, Hitmaker - the studio behind the original - will be handling the game, and the title is actually Virtual On Marz. Confused? Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram was an excellent albeit niche action title on the Dreamcast, featuring twelve mechs, a third-person camera and fast-paced battle-till-you're-scrap gameplay. Its move to the PS2 fold will please a lot of people because the DC version was roundly criticised for its lack of a dual-stick controller - a plain necessity in VO. The Japanese got a special peripheral; the rest of the world did not. Thankfully, Dual Shock II is just the ticket, and with any luck, Virtual On Marz will manage to recreate the engrossing gameplay of the original on PS2.

Source - Gameforms