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Acclaim Dakars again

Paris-Dakar Rally successor named

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Acclaim has confirmed that Dakar 2, the sequel to Paris-Dakar Rally, is in development across all three next-generation console platforms and will be released during February 2003. Described as a "radical departure" by the accompanying literature, the game is based on upholding one's courage and endurance across a 6,500 mile course with hundreds of competing drivers. 600 vehicles will be duking it out, including plenty of licensed vehicles, and the course will be checkpoint-based - navigation will of course be just as important as successful rallying. Acclaim is also promising close interaction with the environment, including animals, villagers, water, the bush, trees and even the odd mine. A series of non-specific screenshots has been released to whet your appetite, and you can find those here. Related Feature - Dakar 2 screenshots

Source - press release

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