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Second Vice City trailer released

Did you miss the first? Download both!

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Rockstar has released a second GTA Vice City trailer in MOV format, showcasing various elements of gameplay. Like the August trailer, this file weighs in at about 23MB and can be watched in your browser at Rockstar's Vice City website, or you can download them directly, large (23MB, 480x360) and medium (14MB, 320x240). As many of you will remember, Rockstar's official Vice City website isn't the game's only outlet on the web. GTA III was famed for its mock corporations and radio advertisers, with URLs that actually led somewhere. Rockstar has used this to its advantage for Vice City, by erecting Kent Paul's 80's Nostalgia Zone, featuring an 80's throwback reprobate's take on life in the city. All of which should get you in the mood for the highly anticipated game, which we're expecting on November 8th. Related Feature - GTA Vice City screenshots

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