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Everglide launches gaming mats

Get your mouse on!

Everglide have made something of a name for themselves over the last few years producing hefty black plastic mouse mats for hardcore gamers with more money than sense, not to mention the bizarre looking Mousebungee and other rodent-related gadgets. The latest such products to reach the UK are a range of imaginatively named Gaming Mats. At first sight these look much the same as your common or garden mouse mat, thin and flexible, but closer inspection reveals them to have a textured surface that provides the same kind of feel and precision that we've come to expect from Everglide's harder pads in the past. They also have a grippy textured underside that virtually glues itself to your desk, almost completely stopping the pad from sliding around, although you can still lift it up easily enough if you need to reposition it. What makes them really attractive though is your choice of five full colour print designs - Asian Swords (three crossed blades on a red oriental-looking flag), Celtic (broadsword and axe on a wooden shield), Cyborg (a marbled looking mix of man and machine), Special Ops (sure to be a hit with gun nuts and Counter-Strike fans) and Works (retro looking clockwork machinery). We've been using one of the Cyborg mats for the last couple of weeks, and it's already replaced our previous Everglide pad in pride of place on my desk. If you want a mat that looks pretty and offers better than normal precision and stability, then this could be just what you're looking for. All five designs are now available from Everglide UK for the princely sum of £10.99 plus postage.

Source - Everglide

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