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Shots of True Fantasy

The first signs of this Xbox MMORPG appear on the web

The first screenshots of Microsoft's Xbox-based MMORPG True Fantasy Live Online have appeared in Japan. The shots reveal a "cute" look similar to that of Square's Kingdom Hearts, but with a lot more detail piled on top. Although the shots are quite small, the look is also quite cel-shaded in places, with the same tonal work we so appreciated when we saw Zelda in action. A couple of the screenshots allude to potential transport options - namely odd-looking lizards which stand upright on their hind legs... like Chocobos, in fact. Angling fans will also want to check these shots, which feature definite fish-related action. More will be learnt of True Fantasy Live Online at this year's Tokyo Game Show, and we'll be asking Microsoft about their plans for it at X02 in Seville later this month. Related Feature - True Fantasy Live Online screenshots