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Jap MGS2, Dark Chronicle and Enix news

Release dates are your friend, and Enix wants into Europe!

Japanese release dates. Do they really mean anything to those of us in this area of the world? Probably not a great deal, but they do at least help to assuage our fears that products X, Y and Z might never be finished. Konami has revealed that Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance for PlayStation 2 will be released in Japan on December 19th, barely three months after its first official playable showing at the TGS next week. There's no word on the Xbox or PC versions, but the PS2 is understandably a bigger priority for Konami in its homeland. Also on the release roster in Japan is Dark Chronicle, the devilishly alluring cel-shaded sequel to Dark Cloud. A little less repetition, a little more action is what we're promised, and it'll also be on display at the TGS and released in playable demo form at the same time. The game itself though will appear on PS2 on November 28th. And finally, resting under the banner of "it came from Japan" we have a number of Enix titles. According to the Japan Times, Enix will invest €4.2 million in bringing a number of its games to Europe, including Star Ocean 3: Till the End of Time.

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