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November Dynasty

Dynasty Tactics hits Europe before 2003! Dynasty Warriors III on Xbox, too

THQ has officially unveiled Sangokushi Senki, or Dynasty Tactics in Europe, and plans to release the game on November 29th. It's a war simulation along the lines of the Dynasty Warriors games, but with a multi-character approach and a greater emphasis on unit arrangement and tactical simulation. Vanquishing one's enemies will involve the arrangement of fire attacks rockslides, ambushes and the curious "tactical combos" - unleash one officer's special attack and if correctly positioned, this may launch a chain reaction with a number of special attacks from other officers joining forces. The idea is to build a powerful army and to lay waste to 60 key Chinese cities, and although developer Koei has promised a faithful historical re-enactment, multiple endings suggests a bit of artistic license. One of the things that the publisher has been keen to emphasize is the game's realistic battlefields and the sensation of being involved in a war, with huge dust clouds and mud splashes taking advantage of the PS2's graphical abilities. Koei looks to have achieved a truly cinematic effect, and to this end has also included Dolby Digital 5.1 sound to really surround the player with warfare. Joining Dynasty Tactics on the market this November 29th will be the Xbox version of Dynasty Warriors III. Related Feature - Dynasty Tactics screenshots