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Harvest Festival

Info on the new Harvest Moon title – a Cube exclusive, for now

The latest Harvest Moon game is coming on apace, according to its Japanese and American publishers. Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life - currently a Cube exclusive - is a game about guiding a young man through 30 years of his life, with dating, marriage, children and other aspects of normal life infringing on the game's six stories, which will unfold in some as-yet undisclosed manner. More than 40 characters will share your time with you, and a GameBoy Advance linkup is promised to cross the high wall between the Cube's town and the GBA version's Mineral Town. Of course, it wouldn't be much of a Harvest Moon game without the odd bit of farming, and as you might expect, the early, tiny screenshots reflect that fact. Characters are "super deformed" as the phrase used to be, meaning they have big heads and little bodies, but in spite of this seem to be quite superficially detailed. Their environments don't yet look to be anything particularly special, but it's early days, and we should learn more about it in the days following its Japanese release, which could fall during December of this year. The US release is planned for Q2 2003.

Source - IGN