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Grand Prix goes to PS2

Infogrames sends F1 to PS2, but wait! Nothing to do with Crammond, this...

Infogrames Melbourne House is working on a new Formula One racing game for PlayStation 2, called - wait for it! - Grand Prix Challenge. Described as "the most exciting Formula One game to date", GP Challenge will go head to head with Sony's competing Formula One 2002 title when they are both released in November of this year. But what makes GP Challenge the most exciting F1 game on the format, we asked. Well it's officially licensed with 2002 F1 data, and it's made to entertain rather than to simulate, as Infogrames' Frank Heisset put it. "With this game, our aim is to fully entertain not only the F1 fans but all the gamers, seeking the perfect combination between graphic quality and addictive gameplay within the fantastic F1 universe. Grand Prix Challenge on PS2 compliments the already successful Grand Prix series perfectly." Ignoring the rather unsurprising 22 cars, 17 tracks and full FIA gubbins for a second, GP Challenge consists of a full championship mode, split-screen multiplayer for up to four, and a trio of other modes the press release doesn't mention. We'll be waiting to see how this one turns out - let's hope it's a bit better than the last PS2 release we had from Melbourne House; Looney Tunes: Space Race. Related Feature - Grand Prix Challenge screenshots

Source - press release