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Eidos about on the beach

Beach Life demo released

Eidos has released a demo of Deep Red's Beach Life, which we reviewed this weekend. Beach Life is a tongue-in-cheek management simulation in which you have to drive your resort to profitability by attracting lairy beer-guzzlers from the north and young couples who copulate frantically. And the demo offers a brand new scenario unavailable in the full game, so just about anybody can enjoy this, whether they bought the full version or not. That said, weighing in at a whopping 125MB we'd be surprised if "everybody" can enjoy it, but everybody's sure welcome to try. You can download it direct from Eidos' Beach Life downloads page, along with a screensaver and a movie of the press party, featuring booze-addled journalists clearly unaware of a probing camera. Or, you can pick it up from our partners at blueyonder. Related Feature - Beach Life review