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A Matter of Faction

THQ releases a new trailer for Red Faction II

Red Faction was one of the first decent shooters to emerge on PlayStation 2, pipping TimeSplitters to the 'best of genre' accolade at the time. Of course, with 2002 came Medal of Honor: Frontline, which swept up honours and distinctions wheresoever it bothered to go. Wartime France, it seemed, had won the war over its competition. With TimeSplitters 2 due out later this year though, the crown could swing back to the console's original FPS, but THQ and developer Volition might have something to say about that. They might say "Red Faction II" in fact. And judging from some preview code we've been rocketing around this weekend, they might have a point. After releasing a number of small trailers via the RedFaction2.com website, a huge streamable movie has now been added for your delectation, available in pint-sized narrowband variety for those of you without broadband. Featuring music from Jefferson Airplane and visuals from Volition, this is a good-looking alarm call for those who have yet to sample the Geo-Mod-based shooter. And if you'd rather not stream said movies, our friends at blueyonder have just the solution. You can download the larger movie here (80MB) and the small one here (3MB). Red Faction II is currently due for release mid-November, and preview builds are improving with each passing day. Related Feature - Red Faction II screenshots