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Zelda nears completion

Japanese release date unveiled

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Nintendo has told Japanese media that The Legend of Zelda for GameCube will go on sale on December 13th, paving the way for US and European release dates within a few months. Expect importers to go wild about this news later on and offer you extortionate but moderately alluring pre-order deals on a game you really should wait for. She'll mature soon, my pretties, have no fear! To pass the time between now and the game's as-yet-undisclosed European release date, you could write a few love letters in the guise of Link, directed at the young princess in the hope of getting into character. Or, you could run around some local fields with a sharp instrument hacking the greenery down to size in search of hearts. Actually, I suppose there won't be too many at this time of year, so that puts pay to that... Or, thanks to the miracle of the Internet, you could engage in admiration of a clutch of new screenshots we found down the back of the sofa this morning. Related Feature - The Legend of Zelda screenshots

Source - Nintendo

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