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Get down with the Black Hawk!

Head into Somalia for a bit of tactical action with the newly released demo

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Novalogic has released the multiplayer demo of Black Hawk Down, something which was meant to happen yesterday, but only showed up in the evening when our circuits has frazzled to a halt. Set in Somalia in 1993, the game is based on the Operation Restore Hope and Task Force Ranger campaigns which quickly deteriorated into Operation Totally Screwed as evidenced by Ridley Scott's seminal war flick. Fortunately, the demo isn't quite so harsh on the average trooper, and instead offers you the chance to hop online and fight over three variants of the "City Limits" map as either red or blue. You can download the 56.6MB file from our friends at blueyonder. Related Feature - Black Hawk Down preview

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