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WirelessRF pads hit PS2 and Cube

And in Europe, too!

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Although we haven't usually much time for third party peripherals (just as they haven't much for us before they die irreparably in a wince-making pile of unreliability), 4Gamers managed to tickle our fancy with a new range of wireless controllers this morning. In the absence of decent radio-based wireless controllers for PS2 and GameCube at the moment (due on the one hand to an inexplicable desire to use IR, and on the other to a platform holder's tardiness), these pads in the "PlayFree" range, which operate on the 2.4GHz radio frequency and boast a range of 10 metres are something of an unexpected blessing. With the usual perks like switchable modulation to allow for multiple pads and included batteries, they seem like the perfect toy. And not content with that, they get one up on Nintendo's WaveBird by including vibration motor functions, although whether or not this chews up battery life to extent Nintendo said it would remains to be seen.

They will be available from this October (prices pending), and we'll try and get hold of some in the meantime to find out how they stand up. Related Feature - WaveBird details emerge

Source - press release

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