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Sony launches VR headset for PS2

Updated - Want to see what it looks like?

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Sony has announced a curious new head-mounted display peripheral for PlayStation 2. The unit, which will be confined to Japan for the moment, carries two 0.44-inch 1.8 million-pixel LCDs attached to a pair of overhead headphones. It really does sound like a dodgy VR headset prop from a 1980s science fiction drama, doesn't it? Sony has gone on record as saying that the displays are about equivalent to watching a 42-inch screen from a distance of two metres, and have revealed that thanks to a connected interface box and appropriate PS2 software, the device can also track user's head movements and display corresponding images. Speaking of software, compatible games are promised soon from "some vendors". A bonus feature of the headset is that it can be wired to the output of DVD players or VCRs for widescreen viewing, but given the price tag of 59,800 yen (roughly €510) we half-expected it to include DVD or VCR functionality, not to mention the PS2 itself, none of which it does. Still, if you're interested in this peculiar toy, besides giving me some of your huge flipping great wads of disposable cash, you will want to know about dimensions and weight and things like that. The head unit is apparently 200x100x250mm when folded, so it will actually look like one of those 80s VR headset props, and it weighs 340 grams. One small advisory though: children under the age of 15 shouldn't use the product, and those with eye or heart conditions are strongly urged to check with a doctor beforehand. That's 'doctor', not 'mad scientist'. The display will be released on September 26th, but Sony is taking pre-orders (presumably from Japanese consumers only) on its website.

Source - GamePro

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