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Konami to develop Ninja Turtles games

Based on a new TV series

The Teenage Mutant Hero Ninja Turtles (yes, we know what a goddamn ninja is, thank you) are heading back to the gaming arena, courtesy of Konami. In an announcement made after we went to bed last night, the current rights-holder for the series, Mirage Licensing, is said to have granted Konami exclusive permission to develop and publish games worldwide based on the upcoming American animated series. This isn't the first time Konami has sunk its teeth into the Ninja Turtles. During the 80s and early 90s, Konami shipped a total of more than a dozen games based on the mutated martial artists and accumulated a pool (or soup, perhaps) of nearly $250m. The first games based on the rejuvenated franchise are due to arrive in time for Christmas 2003. The TV series upon which they will be loosely based will start showing on US screens this Saturday, September 14th. Depending on its success, it should be all over the globe by the time the games arrive.

Source - press release