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Shadowbane held back

Massively multiplayer game slips to 2003

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Wolfpack's entry in the ever expanding massively multiplayer role-playing genre has been held back until some time next year. According to a post on the game's official website, Shadowbane will no longer be released in November as previously planned, with the company deciding "to extend the beta test through the holiday season" in an effort to make sure that the final product offers "the best possible game and service experience" for players. In the meantime, beta testers can look forward to a new version in the near future which will feature "a number of long-awaited enhancements". Although Shadowbane is rather primitive looking in terms of its visuals at this stage, the underlying gameplay does bring something new to the genre. There's a greater focus on strategic elements than in most games of its ilk, with player guilds able to control sections of the game world and construct temples, fortifications and other buildings. Of course, the bad news is that this side of the game only really comes into play once you've spent many hours building up your character with more traditional adventuring and hack and slash levelling in true MMRPG fashion, but at least there's the potential of a more interesting experience for high level gamers than simply bashing ever more powerful monsters. Related Feature - Shadowbane screenshots

Source - Shadowbane website

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