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GTA Vice City tunes

Seven soundtrack albums on the way

Audio has always been a strong point of the Grand Theft Auto games, with a range of in-car radio stations on offer featuring all kinds of music, surreal chatter, outrageous jingles and bizarre adverts. Fans will be glad to hear then that GTA Vice City is promising more of the same, with over eighty bands set to be included in the game. Big names that have been revealed so far include Blondie, Judas Priest, Kool And The Gang, Grandmaster Flash and .. er .. Flock Of Seagulls. All of which should help players get into that authentic 1980s vibe. And for those of you who just can't let go, Rockstar are teaming up with Sony Music to release no less than seven Vice City soundtrack albums, featuring all the songs you were tired of twenty years ago. Probably. Each album is based on a different radio station from the game, covering everything from hip-hop and heavy metal to soul and pop ballads. "The Grand Theft Auto franchise has always broken the boundaries of what videogame soundtracks can be, and Rockstar Games, along with Sony Music and Epic Records, have set a new standard with Grand Theft Auto: Vice City", Rockstar's COO Terry Donovan is quoted as saying. "The Grand Theft Auto: Vice City soundtrack albums will arguably represent the most diverse, extraordinary and innovative collection of music ever assembled for any piece of entertainment - whether it be video games, television or feature films. Every track was lovingly and laboriously chosen to reflect the vast array of 80's musical styles and create the perfect audio landscape for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City." Here in Europe we should get to hear the benefits of that loving at the tail end of October. Related Feature - GTA Vice City screenshots

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