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2003: Conquest Of America

Cossacks follow-up coming early next year

CDV have confirmed that American Conquest will be available in the UK some time early in 2003. Developed in Ukraine by GSC Game World, it's a follow-up to their real-time strategy epic Cossacks, but with the action (fairly obviously) transplanted to the New World. Players will get the chance to take control of the destinies of twelve nations, ranging from English, French and Spanish colonists to Mayan, Sioux and Aztec natives, with over a hundred units and buildings between them. As Cossacks fans would expect, the game features warfare on a truly mind-boggling scale, with up to 16,000 individual units in a single map and battlefields that can stretch across six hundred screens at 1024x768 (that's almost 472 million pixels, fact spotters). All of the advanced multiplayer features introduced in the Cossacks expansion packs should find their way into the new game as well, with support for eight player online and LAN battles, complete with in-game alliances, as well as a global ranking system to keep track of your progress. Needless to say, this is one we're looking forward to. Related Feature - American Conquest screenshots

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