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Freeloader goes AWOL

Datel slips the import disc for the umpteenth time

Datel's Freeloader is still a short way off, despite recent claims to the contrary. We're aware that just a few weeks ago we highlighted a "dead cert Friday, August 23rd release date," but how prophetic we were when we said "the cautious amongst you ought not to chuck out your Japanese and US Cubes just yet." As a number of people have pointed out, Datel's website now states that the project is in the late stages of development... something of a step back from the brink of distribution, but we are still clinging onto the possibility of having it by the end of September. Those of you itching to play Super Mario Sunshine ahead of its October 4th European release date, or Super Monkey Ball 2, or any of a number of high profile US releases we haven't had yet, should keep an eye on Datel's Codejunkies.com website for more information. It would be worth doing so, because we don't plan to mention Freeloader again until it rests snugly in our GameCubes and in a place where you, the ever-patient public, can buy it. Related Feature - Get ready to Freeload