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Blizzard gets tough with cheats

20,000 players kicked off ladder - ouch

Blizzard have always said that they were going to be tough on people using cheats and hacks to gain an unfair advantage in Warcraft III multiplayer matches. Exactly how tough was revealed on Friday night, when the company announced that it has closed down some 20,000 user accounts to date. All of the offenders (who were caught using map hacks) had their ladder records wiped and were banned from playing any more ladder games with that CD key for two weeks. Although the cheaters could still play non-ladder matches through the service, Blizzard are promising that repeat offenders' CD keys will be permanently banned from if they continue using hacks. So don't do it - cheating ruins everyone else's enjoyment of the game, and you could end up black listed if you're caught doing it persistently. Related Feature - Warcraft III review

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