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Morrowind expands

Tribunal add-on confirmed

Bethesda have confirmed that work is underway on an expansion pack for their epic role-playing game Morrowind. Subtitled Tribunal, the add-on slots into the original game, allowing you to take part in its quests at any point in the main adventure. New features include the city of Mournhold, where you can meet the god-kings Almalexia and Sotha Sil, two members of the eponymous Tribunal, as well as new monsters, weapons, armour and dungeons. Best of all, the expansion will make some much needed improvements to the journal, which was one of the major weakpoints of the original game. Players will henceforth be able to sort journal entries by quest and filter out active or completed quests, which should make keeping track of the dozens of jobs available to you that much easier. Tribunal will be released in November, with Ubi Soft once again handling European distribution for the title. We're already stroking our beards in anticipation. Related Feature - Morrowind review

The primitive journal system, scourge of Morrowind but soon to be fixed. So now you have no excuse for not completing the Pilgrim's Path.

Source - press release