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Eidos' TimeSplitters 2 trailblazer

Oh we do like Friday afternoon gaming goodies!

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Are you stuck at the office on this fine evening, with nothing to do but lament the passing of time as you perform some menial task, which could quite clearly wait until Monday? Want something to alleviate the boredom and revitalise your deflated cerebrum? Fortunately, Eidos has just the tonic for your poor, neglected soul, in the shape of a lively TimeSplitters 2 trailer just released today on their website. This 31.4MB monster is also available in a streamable version, suitable for modem and broadband users, from the very same location. As they rightly point out, TS2 is one of this autumn's most eagerly anticipated shooters, and as they also rightly point out, this video reinforces the point. If you haven't played TimeSplitters 2 yet (the demo was available in goodie bags at PlayStation Experience, and sits on the cover of the latest Official PS2 Magazine here in the UK), then all you need to know can be uncovered in our hands-on preview of the game from earlier this year. What this video does is introduce us to other sections of the game; the Chicago and Paris levels specifically, and they look just as sprawling, colourful and action-packed as the well-charted Siberian Dam level, which harked us all the way back to GoldenEye - a game TS2 developer Free Radical had more than a significant hand in during a past life at Rare. It also showcases a few more seconds of multiplayer action, and even without an online aspect this is shaping up to give the likes of Halo multiplayer a serious run for their money. Related Feature - TimeSplitters 2 hands-on preview (PS2)

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