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Jap modem might not work on US Cubes

Anxious moments for pre-order-clutching PSO fans

We don't normally highlight this sort of rumour, but knowing our import hungry readers, we felt it best to give you the proverbial "heads-up", just in case. According to US-based National Console Support, the Japanese GameCube modem adapter may not work with US consoles. It's difficult to say where the problem lies - the non-specific rumour was borne of Japanese suppliers, concerned that US-based importers might not want their massive bulk shipments of PSO Episodes I & II if said rumour turns out to be true. And fair play to them! I certainly wouldn't. NCS has immediately confirmed that it will accept order cancellations in the event that the modem is unusable on US GameCubes, and other importers will presumably do the same. We'll let you know when we hear more about this one. Related Feature - Phantasy Star Online Episodes I & II preview (Cube)

Source - NCSX